Gulf Stream Slowing Down Faster Than Ever, Scientists Say

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Posted on April 12, 2016Kevin Hester 

The Gulf Stream that helps to keep Britain from freezing over in winter is slowing down faster now than at any time in the past millennium according to a study suggesting that major changes are taking place to the ocean currents of the North Atlantic.
Scientists believe that the huge volumes of freshwater flowing into the North Atlantic from the rapidly melting ice cap of Greenland have slowed down the ocean “engine” that drives the Gulf Stream from the Caribbean towards north-west Europe, bringing heat equivalent to the output of a million power stations.’
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And similarly: ‘While you were distracted, this climate change warning arrived‘:  ‘With dire warnings of catastrophic sea level rise and superstorms capable of pitching 1,000 tonne mega-boulders onto shorelines, scientist James Hansen sounded an alarm over continued global warming.  
In a video, coinciding with a release of a revised version of paper Hansen wrote  with 18 other authors, Hansen warned of “feedbacks” between the oceans and ice sheets.’
[dk:  like him or not, he does have gravitas here.  He seems more urgent than a year ago…]

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