The Gulf Stream has Stopped!?

There is recent and very strong evidence that the gulf stream has stopped, the main loop that generates the majority of the heat in the gulf of mexico has detached itself, this is clearly visible on the NOAA's website in the form of the RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts over the past 3 months. You can also clearly see how it has affected the gulf stream further up in terms of the UK. Now this has either occured naturally as the gulf stream has been waining over recent years, or it has been caused by the BP oil spill in the gulf of mexico. see this pdf from the institute of atmospheric sciences and climate in Italy.

The question is, this is actually going to have severe effects on the UK this coming Winter without even considering the backdrop from the la nina (ocean cooling), how should we be best prepared for what is likely to be the coldest winter in living memory, which will be followed by a future climate similar to newfoundland who are on the same latitude as us but did not have the advantage of the gulf stream?

I have studied the gulf stream over the past several years and never seen anything like this, I am still hoping that this is an Eddy (sections of moving water that can swirl off), but if I am to be honest, the high realism is that this is not. source: degree and lots of study.

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September 5th updateWell, the whole internet seems to be a-fizz with corroborative evidence that the "North Atlantic Current is Gone." 
The latest satellite data establishes that the North Atlantic Current (also called the North Atlantic Drift) no longer exists and along with it the Norway Current. These two warm water currents are actually part of the same system that has several names depending on where in the Atlantic Ocean it is. The entire system is a key part of the planet's heat regulatory system; it is what keeps Ireland and the United Kingdom mostly ice free and the Scandinavia countries from being too cold; it is what keeps the entire world from another Ice Age. This Thermohaline Circulation System is now dead in places and dying in others. [source EUROPE BUSINESS]

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